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Bo Bridgeport was conceived as a result of visionaries, who believed in the restoration, and revitalization of communities, and of beautiful historic homes that had become neglected and consequently left in tragic disrepair. We embarked upon a mission to save these architecturally endangered homes by restoring them, and bringing in buyers that were interested in this same mission or that appreciated the uniqueness of buying an historic home to renovate as their very own personal residence.

In addition to restoring historic homes we realized the equal importance of new homes to our buyers. We also discovered a new emerging market of architecturally unique new homes, Recognizing the need and desire of various buyers, and taking into consideration, that some buyers preferred having historic charm but with more modern amenities, we provided a means to meet this need. We generated a search tool to quickly provide our buyer the ability to find all new homes in our area.

The Bo Bridgeport Group is dedicated to resurrecting the coziness of neighborhoods. Whether it is a brand new community, or one etched in history, we are there to find it for you. We feel that community is an important aspect of home buying, whether that definition means finding the perfect estate home or the right intown village. We listen carefully to our customers. We feel that’s the most important aspect of real estate—understanding exactly what a buyer wants. While some of the chain real estate companies boast volume and millions of clients, we work with customers in a more profound way. We specialize in neighborhoods and we know our neighbors. We would love to help you find your dream home in the location that suits your lifestyle and work location.


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Bo Bridgeport Brokers, Inc.
Bo Bridgeport Brokers, Inc.
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