Jefferson Park 

The quaint neighborhood in East Point known as Jefferson Park is an eclectic mix of post-World War II wood cottages and brick bungalows that have become a staple of intown living. Forgoing the 'burbs, urban dwellers are seeking out the homes originally built to house the boys and their families after the war to begin their own families.

"We searched all over metro Atlanta looking for an affordable place with a big yard, from Lithonia to Lilburn, even up to Acworth," says one Jefferson Park resident for two years. "We came to look around here and made an offer on our house the next day. It was only later that we learned how desirable this neighborhood actually is."

The neighborhood has weathered the years better than many of the others in East Point because it never became heavily rental, rather original owners hung on to their houses and only recently began selling.

"A few years ago when I told someone about a home in East Point, they made a face like they had just bit into a lemon a neighbor remarked.. "Now it's become a place people seek out to live. I've seen houses double in value over the last couple of years."

He's most impressed by the retention of the new residents, and of the hundreds of homes that have been purchased by newcomers, fewer than 10 have been re-sold.

Yet another resident echoes the same feeling. "Everyone seems to care about this neighborhood. There are many longtime residents, but there is also an infusion of new blood -- young couples and families with kids moving in".

The Neighborhood Association feels that the native residents or those who have lived there for a long time have seen the ups and downs and are welcoming the change new residents are bringing. "Many people have been here since before Hartsfield [Airport] and when people moved out, the neighborhood began to suffer". "They are glad to see their neighbors' homes being renovated."

Residents also credit the strong gay population that has called Jefferson Park home as vital to its popularity. As in many other areas where the home prices were low and close to town, and gay and lesbian residents have renovated, raised home prices and created a desirable neighborhood.

Jefferson Park recently applied for historical district status but residents are still awaiting the decision. Whatever the final outcome, the residents of Jefferson Park look like they'll be sticking around for a while.

The CAP index you see is color coded for level of risk based on the relationship between the social aspects of a neighborhood and the amount of crime reported as compared to national, state, and county averages.  The information is compiled from various sources.  This map shows Jefferson Park crime to be below average, Conley Hill, Center Park, and Historic College Park crime to be average.  Also parts of Semmes Park to be average.  The Egan Park neighborhood is shown to be well below the average.
I am sharing this information on, and with the realtors in my office to attract more quality buyers to our neighborhoods in East Point.  Please help me promote the safety of our area by linking this on your neighborhood association websites.  Sheila Merritt in Jefferson Park forwarded it to me.

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