Historic Atlanta

At Bo Bridgeport, we cherish the wide array of historic homes found in Atlanta's intown neighborhoods. We have a unique heritage-gorgeous homes that are rich in architectural detail and steeped in history.With the resurgence of historic neighborhoods, many homeowners and renovators are specializing in the preservation of old houses and celebrating their survival.The mere existence of these old soldiers is something of a miracle.And intown Atlanta is filled with a wonderful sampling of unique and livable architecture from classic Greek Revivals to gingerbread Victorians to the simple lines of the Craftsman Bungalow.

The Victorian period (1825-1900) served up a tossed salad of styles by combining previous genres like Renaissance, Gothic, Tudor, Baroque, Greek, Italianate, and Japanese designs.During this era, designers and architects were both ingenious and liberal with architectural ornamentation such as gilt, leaded/stained glass, gingerbread woodwork, marble, heavy moldings, high ceilings, colorful tiles, fireplaces, gabled roof lines, shingled insets, and turrets.With an emphasis on aesthetics, affluence, and glorious fanfare, Victorian homes were often massive, towering asymmetrical structures with large expansive porches.Yet, there were also many "country Victorians" built-simple, one-story structures with multiple rooflines, front porches, and fireplaces.

In the beginning of this century, middle-class tastes turned away from the ornamentation of Victorian decor and returned to the simplicity of open, flexible spaces and natural materials of the Arts & Crafts or Craftsman Style Bungalows and American Foursquares were constructed from indigenous stone, brick, oak, and clapboards, and borrowed elements from Spanish, Mexican, and Japanese heritage.The movement stressed honesty and integrity, both as a design philosophy and as a way of life, and fostered an appreciation of nature.The low horizontal lines of the Craftsman home harmoniously integrate interior with exterior. Elements such as expansive porches, French windows and sleeping porches extend the home into the outdoors.And the bungalow was a home that the average citizen could afford.

At Bo Bridgeport, we sell varieties of these historic homes, as well as new construction homes, post war homes, ranches, and traditional styles.

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