East Atlanta

Discovered as a hot spot in the last 5 years, East Atlanta has taken off like a rocket.  East Atlanta has been experiencing a dramatic resurgence in  the renovation of older homes and historic new construction homes. Many residents belong to the Demand for homes in this dynamic area has skyrocketed recently as young professionals return to intown neighborhoods to reclaim the strong sense of community they lost in the suburbs.The business district is a popular destination with an outcropping of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and antique stores.   The historic housing stock features a wide range of styles. 

Despite living in Atlanta, New York City remains Southerners' filter for everything that's American. It's no wonder that when people try to describe an Atlanta community, it becomes a comparison between one of our city's trendy new neighborhoods and NYC's. East Atlanta Village, for example, gets compared to the northern Greenwich Village. Well, at least the village part is similar. With its bustling sidewalks, hopping nightspots and mixture of gay and straight residents, East Atlanta is one of the hottest spots in town.

Five years ago, no one thought of making those comparisons, but after restaurateurs and entrepreneurs saw a chance to set up shop, the village became a hub for a growing, gentrified community. Upcoming and established alternative rock bands play the Echo Lounge. A grungier set is found down the road at The Earl. The Fountainhead Lounge is a nightspot for those sporting cutting-edge black threads and thick-rimmed glasses and food from burritos, tapas, pizza or fusion can be found.

On the fringes, the unglamorous side still remains, with fast-food joints and check-cashing stores, sullying the effect of the shiny new storefronts. But the newbies are still arriving.

You can compare it to the pedestrian atmosphere of Virginia-Highland as well as the numerous bars and restaurants found there. One resident  who moved into his home last year said "We scoured the city, and East Atlanta offered the best combination of those qualities with more reasonable prices than the Highlands."

The prices that first brought residents to the area quickly have escalated with two-bedroom bungalows doubling in price over the last five years. Still, East Atlanta is a destination for young couples seeking to stay close to the action of the urban life without having to fork over too much cash for a great pad. There's still a chance to get a great place if potential homeowners are willing to renovate; prices are lower for sagging porches and molding eaves. East Atlanta Village citizens are still dealing with issues of gentrification and displacing longtime residents, but that hasn't stopped the real estate agents from selling.

Fannie Mae Foundation listed East Atlanta as one of 10 "Just Right" Emerging Big-City Neighborhoods. It is listed as a just right emerging neighborhood for affordable homeownership during its Annual Housing Conference. The conference’s theme was "The Market Power of Emerging Communities" and the neighborhoods on the list are cited as examples of how capital markets can be catalysts for neighborhood revitalization. In 1999 Creative Loafing named East Atlanta "Best Neighborhood for Urban Pioneers".  The article say, "Reverse suburban flight is in full effect in East Atlanta, where upwardly mobile yuppies are snatching up turn-of-the-century bungalows quicker than you can say "gentrification." Home prices rose more than 20 percent last year, and restaurants, bars and coffee klatches are proliferating along Flat Shoals Avenue." Other  amenities in the area include: East Atlanta Branch Library  and Zoo Atlanta  Some information provided by  https://www.eaca.net

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