The City of Decatur is an exceptionally attractive area for homebuyers. New Decatur residents are drawn by the convenience and excitement of intown living, combined with the charm of historic neighborhoods, a small town feeling, and excellent schools and city services. The city of Decatur and its surrounding neighborhoods are just outside the hustle bustle of the city limits.  However, the century old Decatur has proudly maintained its heritage with a variety of housing from historic architecture to new construction.  Decatur’s business district now hosts many wonderful restaurants, bars, and coffee shops.  
We invite you to discover Decatur, on-line and in person. You'll find a small town growing gracefully into a dynamic small city while preserving a traditional way of life. Named after Stephen Decatur, a U.S. Naval hero, Decatur retains a strong connection to its History, while preparing for the 21st century with managed growth and responsible development. Decatur maintains its own identity, while forging bonds with other communities locally, nationally and internationally. Decatur is a member of Sister Cities International, and other U.S. cities and counties named Decatur participate in some of our festivities.

Founded in 1823, Decatur is the second oldest municipality in the Atlanta metropolitan area and the seat of DeKalb County. Decatur adjoins Atlanta's city limits six miles east of Atlanta's central business district. Decatur has 18,000 residents and 8,000 households, although its daytime population swells to 24,000. The Old Courthouse on the Square in Downtown Decatur stands on a rise of land where two Indian trails once crossed. Historically, the courthouse square served as the community gathering place. Today it continues to be the focus of festivals and special events and serves as the heart of the community.

Decatur was incorporated December 1O, 1823, and named after Stephen Decatur, a U.S. Naval hero. It is said that early residents rejected a proposal by the Western and Atlantic Railroad to make Decatur a major stop on its new line in the 1830s. These citizens did not want the noise, smoke and confusion, and turned the railroad down. The railroad thus moved seven miles west to a small settlement called Terminus. In 1843, that settlement was renamed Marthasville, and two years later became Atlanta.

The Old Courthouse on the Square houses an interesting museum covering DeKalb County history and Civil War memorabilia. Visitors to Decatur can also find helpful information at the Welcome Center located inside the front door of this beautiful old building. Historic Decatur Cemetery provides further insight into past decades. As Decatur looks toward the 21st century, it can point with pride to its success in preserving a sense of place while incorporating new development and encouraging economic growth.

Downtown Decatur is surrounded by beautiful, historic neighborhoods reflecting a variety of architectural styles. The tree-lined streets, strong sense of community and nationally recognized public school system continue to draw young families to the City of Decatur. Successful new office buildings, built by developers sensitive to Decatur's vision of maintaining its small town character, surround a vibrant retail center and a courthouse square that provides a link to the city's history. Visit one of the Restaurants of Downtown Decatur or go shopping in one of the many Shops of Downtown Decatur. Learn more about the city's Points of Interest as well as community, business and government. Then come and see for yourself why Decatur folks are proud of their community. Some Information provided by

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